Retail Dispensary

Culver City

Coming 2020, this build-to-suit facility will be the first LEED-certified dispensary in Los Angeles county. We intend to draw on Culver City's architectural heritage with this modern take on greenhouse-inspired style. The design will take customers on a journey throughout, winding around a living tree at the center of the store before exiting through our sculpture garden and back toward the car park.

Project Highlights & Strategy

  • Signalized corner in commercial corridor

  • Traffic counts of over 70,000 vehicles per day

  • Single tenant building occupied by national MSO

  • Beautifying and cleaning up former brownfield with thoughtful landscaping and public art

Expected Impact

  • 42 jobs created:

    • 15 job outcomes sponsored

    • 12 temporary jobs created

    • 15 permanent jobs created

  • $191,520 expected return on impact (ROI) to society

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Retail concept: Dan Einzig, Mystery Design

Retail Dispensary


Part wellness spa, part retail store, this dispensary concept was created for the 2019 limited license application in Pasadena. The name Circulus refers to the eternal journey of life, centered on well-being and standing at the intersection of medical and recreational uses. Its aim was to educate on product and use case as well as to serve as a center of enlightenment for social and other causes.

The space itself is discreet but not hidden; a place that reflects the heritage, the greenery and the sensitivity of the local community.

Likewise, we conceived of a gallery space and round table forum. The former, to promote local artists and work specifically exhibited to raise awareness for important causes. The latter, to serve as a venue for idea-sharing on a variety of topics with local groups and organizations hosting seminars and discussings intended to inform and educate.

Front entrance
Retail entrance
Seminar space
Retail floor
Retail floor 2

Concept: Dan Einzig, Mystery Design

Neighborhood Center

Long Beach

This neighborhood center serves the daily needs of the community with grab-n-go convenience items. The property consists of multiple storefronts comprising 4,955 square feet of GLA.

Project Highlights & Strategy

  • Signalized corner

  • Traffic counts of over 20,000 vehicles per day

  • Repositioning with mix of national and regional tenants

  • Beautifying with facade work, landscape plan, public art

Expected Impact

  • 25 jobs created:

    • 5 job outcomes pledged

    • 12 temporary jobs created

    • 8 permanent jobs created
  • $63,840 expected return on impact (ROI) to society


Mural Festival

Long Beach


We brought the 2017 installment of Pow! Wow! to our site as dozens of artists and volunteers worked day and night to beautify Long Beach, California. Local resident artist Bodeck Hernandez was chosen to beautify our E. 3rd St location and was joined by 17 other artists for the City-wide festival.

Bodeck found inspiration for his mural by tying together the local community and his own memories from his youth. Bodeck drew upon his recent works that feature figures of children in playful kinetic motion against a vibrant and colorful backdrop. We believe in art's powerful ability to beautify as well its contribution to public safety, through a positive and uplifting impact on our communities.


For more information on this and other festivals, visit Pow! Wow! Long Beach and Pow! Wow! Worldwide.

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